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Muma VIII: The Ending You Deserve

It's done. It's finally done and all I can say is that I'm sorry for the long wait and hope that the chapter is worth all the time it took.

Bumping the rating to R for this chapter because of the violence, because if you didn't already know it, KABUTO IS AN ASSHOLE.

That being said, I will try my damnedest not to take another year to update this fic.

Next up: porn! Probably.

Falling Towards HellCollapse )

Sharp dressed man [Muma VIII draft]

This is, without a doubt, the hardest chapter for me to write so far. Not only because of the violence, but because I think I exhausted every good way to say "Hinata was terrified out of her fucking mind" in the last chapter.

The good (?) news is that it looks like this is actually going to be a relatively short chapter compared to the others, and there's not too much more that's left to be done after this draft. Maybe I should move to shorter chapters as a whole anyway--theoretically less time to write. Theoretically.

Also having a lot of difficulty coming up with a title for this chapter, which is odd. I've been thinking about "Dies Irae" but it doesn't seem to fit exactly.

EDIT: Hmmm. Winamp and song from newest favorite fandom has given me an idea...

I thought you were going to experiment on her for her bloodline limit? She certainly doesn't require feet for thatCollapse )


Uh, yeah. Getting up on that one year anniversary from the last time I updated, huh.

Frankly, it's embarrassing. Several factors contribute to me not updating on anything like a regular schedule (namely: I work full-time, I'm getting increasingly bored and frustrated with Naruto because Kabuto hasn't been around in over two years and Hinata has been apparently regulated to the grand role of Plot Device, and as many have heard me say ad nauseum, I'm really fucking sick and tired of being the only person who writes KabuHina; it's boring as hell and frustrating beyond belief and sometimes I feel like I'm in an echo chamber--no other creative fandom means I get really tired of what's essentially talking to myself).

But. I know there are several people who desperately want to see an update. And I hate quitting something like this. I still like the fic and still work at it in my head--it's just the actual writing part is not as fulfilling as it used to be.

Hence the incredibly sparse updates. But I'm trying my best.

Some of this was already posted a loooong time ago in one of the Muma VII drafts, but I kept it in for anyone who might have missed it.

EDIT: I forgot to add that another reason is that Kabuto spends the entire chapter being a tremendous ASSHOLE doing nasty things to Hinata. It's kind of hard to write people when all you want to do is WRING THEIR SCRAWNY ASSHOLE NECKS. See: pre-timeskip Neji.

EDIT THE SECOND: That should actually read "pre-Naruto beatdown Neji". This is what happens when you stay up writing too late on worknights. Going to sleep now.

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"A man may smile and smile, and yet..."

After reading some things here and there (mostly at chuunin) and checking out some screencaps, my curiosity got the better of me and I watched Shippuden 114. And laughed (and it wasn't because of the two-second PAIN OUTTA NOWHERE scene).

The anime team, for those who don't know, used Shippuden 114 to give Orochimaru a bunch of non-canon, filler flashbacks during his fight with Sasuke that actually made him look sympathetic and caring once upon a time. The flashbacks were interesting, and actually, something I would have liked to see Kishimoto use in the manga, seeing as how he seemed to be making a bid for sympathy for Oro right before his loss to Sasuke--except he forgot to actually put in anything beyond "wah, his parents died" to make sympathy plausible.

However, this is the same anime team that not only erased every single moment from the manga that cast doubt on Kabuto's loyalty to Orochimaru (including the scene from the manga that takes place right before Sasuke and Orochimaru start fighting, where Kishimoto was clearly setting things up to make it seem as if Kabuto was the one who attacked Orochimaru, before revealing it was Sasuke) out of the anime, but also seems to see filler as an excuse to go hog wild and make Kabuto look even more evil and depraved than he already acts in the manga. Every_ single_anime_scene that Kabuto is in that wasn't originally in the manga (or that the anime team didn't "tweak" from the manga: see anime Kabuto wishing he could kill Tsunade, while manga Kabuto said no such thing) is him being a complete and total malicious evil dickwad. Forget the hints that he actually, somehow, somewhere has a tiny bit of empathy and compassion inside. Forget everything that hinted that Kabuto might not be as loyal to Orochimaru as he appeared well, before Kishimoto took a total shit on that with Kabumaru and chapter 356 anyway because none of that exists in the anime. Manga Kabuto is grey shading to black while anime Kabuto is so deep-dark evil you could practically use him to block out the sun. Orochimaru, source of all evil before Madara arrived, callous destroyer of human lives who is pretty clearly painted as a sadistic self-centered ass from a very young age in the manga can get sympathetic flashbacks, but no humanity for anime Kabuto! He just gets more evil.

Somehow, I get the impression that the anime staff doesn't like Kabuto very much.

Ironically, the anime has actually made Kabumaru's existance more plausible than the manga did--since almost all of his "ambiguous loyalty" moments were erased in the anime, devoted Kabuto being so desperate to keep Orochimaru around by intergrating him into his body comes off as somewhat believable, unlike the manga's "Well, he's not dead...no, he's dead and I'm crazy and btw, I never had any will or identity beyond Orochimaru, which totally explains all the times I disobeyed his orders and snarked at him behind his back....". However, I'm wondering if the anime will do anything about the gaping plothole of Kabuto stating that Oro was absorbed into Sasuke, not dead, then showing up ten chapters later batshit and chock full of snaky badness saying that Orochimaru IS dead (hence Kabumaru), and then having Oro pop out of Sasuke very much alive during the fight with Itachi later on, showing that yeah, he was absorbed into Sasuke--y'know, just like Kabuto originally said.

I'm also wondering if the anime will fiddle with Kabuto's stated reason for taking in Oro--as the Kyuubi is to Naruto, so Orochimaru was to him, and he wants to surpass him in order to be his own person for the first time in his life, which, when you look at his words a little more deeply, doesn't come off as very complimentary to Orochimaru. Not only that, if Kabuto is riding on the Naruto redemption train, as I theorized here, the anime turning him into a gigantic evil asshole with no redeeming qualities (unlike manga Kabuto being a gigantic evil asshole with tiny flecks of redeeming qualities) makes the possibilty of Naruto redeeming him look really, really dumb and implausible, since the anime's gone out of its way to make Kabuto completely evil and unsympathetic.

But hey, if Pain can kill Jiraiya and thousands of other people, then change his fanatic terrorist mindset at the drop of a hat thanks to Naruto's power of reading and then essentially skip off into the sunset redeemed (though dead) then maybe anime Kabuto has a chance too?

Do I really want the answer to that question?


[fic] Frenzy [KabuHina, NC-17]

I have to admit, I'm getting very interested in fic ideas that involve Hinata topping Kabuto, though I'm starting to run out of non-crackverse scenarios where this is possible. Unlike Surfacing, this one is set in Pornverse and while Hinata takes control, it's under a very different set of circumstances.

I'm also making an effort to try and write as short and concisely as possible, since I kind of suck at it and this went relatively well from that end. Though, now I'm toying with the idea of rewriting Surfacing from Hinata's perspective and Surfacing has somehow gained two sequels. Someone please come and scream at me that I still have to finish two drabbles and I haven't updated Muma since last September?

Set about a month after A Winter's Tale.

You're always so interesting.Collapse )


I got a lot of money from my tax return, so I decided to use half to build myself a new computer, since the newest parts in my current one are four to five years old and the rest probably around seven or so. A dinosaur in computer terms. So I researched and ordered everything from Newegg and waited for everything to come.

Everything came and I spent the night hooking everything up. I've built computers before, so it wasn't difficult. I finished, pressed the power button...and nothing.

After much poking and prodding and online searching, I determined the motherboard was the problem. There's a test you can do that involves shorting two of the wires on the power connector that runs from the PSU to the motherboard: if the fans and other things only come on when you do that, congratulations, your motherboard is not grounding properly and needs to be replaced.

So I shipped it back to Newegg for a replacement. It came yesterday.

Tonight, I did a breadbox test, which means you leave the motherboard outside the case, in the cardboard box it came in and start hooking components up one at a time to make sure they're good. I started with just the PSU, motherboard and the fans from the case.

Nothing came on.

The power connector test from before was repeated. The fans came on.

Motherfucking replacement motherboard is dead just like the first one.


(Note: Newegg is not the source of my anger, because I've ordered from them many times before and everything has always worked perfectly, plus they're very good with customer service. If it's anyone fault here, it's the manufacturer's. Stay away from Gigabyte motherboards, kids!)
Cut for 448 spoilersCollapse )

Also, to everything waiting for the drabbles, I have sworn to myself I will get them done by the end of the holiday weekend, since I finally have some free time and decent sleep.

EDIT: rougesweet16's is done; devimelete's is about 50% done and will be finished once Sakura stops fighting me on what Kabuto will do. Poor unloved boy. just kidding, he deserves it.

Open for Business

Anyone out there feel like giving me some drabble prompts? I need something to clear my head before I go mad from over thinking plot stuff for Muma and other fics.

Note that I can't write Sasuke, really can't write Itachi unless he's !crackverse Itachi and will not be held responsible for any suckiness regarding characters I usually don't write.

Was thinking about doing this for a while just for my own edification/amusement, and then I saw this post over at reread_no_jutsu, which brings up the question of why Kakashi was made Chuunin at such a young age. Well, it would seem that Kabuto's been a spy from a very young age, so I guess it's just something the ninja world likes to do?

What, was he out of diapers and into state secrets?Collapse )


This is beautiful.

"When I first read this, the sound of hatred that emitted from my throat was so potent that it summoned a demon that killed my roommate."

FYI, if you're a major Sasuke fan, you might not want to view this.

Y, the Ruler of Time, has made a damn funny video post recapping the Naruto manga and why he thinks it went wrong after the timeskip (short answer: Sasuke becomes a complete tool and there's way too much of him), complete with relevant manga panels and his awesome rendition of Madara as a complete stoner. Even better, he also slams Kishimoto several times for his sexism, particularly in Sakura's case, and his complete failure to use any side character not named "Shikamaru" in any meaningful or interesting way after the timeskip.

The whole thing's about 23 minutes long, with a large chunk of that time devoted to his recapping of the plot from the first half of the manga (presumably for people unfamiliar with the story) so if you're pressed for time, about 75% of the video can be skipped, though you'll miss out on some excellent lines. Also, you might want to keep the volume low if you're in public, since there's a decent amount of cursing, but if you're like me and not really satisfied with how Naruto has been going lately, this is definitely worth a viewing.