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re: ff.net reviews

Well, I was going to write some more porn first, but if you feel that strongly about it....I keed, I keed. I really do need to get that next chapter going and out.

Though, when people remind me that I am as slow as frozen molasses getting out fic, I have to admit that sometimes it makes me reconsider ever trying to publish my original fic professionally: I know damn well that I'm slow as fuck when it comes to writing and like to torture people with hints and cliffhangers, which does not make for patient readers. Hmmm. I could end up a female G.R.R.R. Martin, with hundreds of thousands of posts from frustrated readers screaming for my blood and the next book in the same breath.

...Especially since I've been working on my main series since I was ten and it's still evolving all the damn time! That's nearly twenty years! And it's no closer to being fully written than when I first started thinking of it in fifth grade!

Yup, I better make damn sure everything's all nice and completed before I even think of professional publishing.