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So, um, Kabuto is back in the manga as of this chapter. Yup.

I'M SCARED. ;-; I can't dream of Kabuto quietly spending the rest of the manga in safe off-page obscurity where Kishi can't fuck with him more than he already has any more! He's going to join the Humiliation Conga line that every character has been forced through since the timeskip! I CAN FEEL IT.


On the other hand, no matter what Kishi does with him, it ain't affecting Muma or any of my other fic, so that's that.

On the third hand, the spoilers claim that Kabuto has apparently gotten his body and powers under control, so maaaybe no hideous deformities. Though, according to Ohana (one of the main source of spoilers on the Japanese end), Kabuto "looks skinnier" and has long hair in a kind of "lackluster style". (NERD. STILL NERD.) I figure Ohana would have mentioned if Kabuto looked especially odd or disturbing...but there's also a possibility that Kishi kept his full appearance obscured.

I guess we'll see when the chapter comes out... WOE.

EDIT after viewing the raw:

1. Whoa. Kabuto's not deformed now, he's fucking hot. And he kept the glasses this time. Unf.

2. But looking a little too much like Oro for my tastes. I like nerd him.

3. Why has Kishi ripped off Soul Eater and given Kabuto Medusa's hood. I hate Medusa.

4. Hot or not, it's still not going to stop Kishi from fucking him over like everyone else though.



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Mar. 18th, 2010 05:11 am (UTC)
Is he not fucking hot? Mostly Kishimoto kinda fails at doing anything sexy to his guys most of the time, but damn.

Unfortunately, that doesn't really damper my bad feelings about Sakura.
Mar. 19th, 2010 02:48 am (UTC)
Maybe Kabuto will actually get an active fandom now, since it seems like 99.5% of the comments about him were basically "OMG, KABUTO IZ SO HOTTIE". It's nice for a change. (I still liked and miss his nerd self, though).

Unfortunately, that doesn't really damper my bad feelings about Sakura.

Oh, man. I'm planning to put up something about that once I'm not tired/busy but Christ that was just a horrible, horrible fucking trainwreck on Sakura's character. This is how she "grows up", Kishi? Fucking seriously?

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