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meme I haz done

I did the meme that's been going around lately--pick one sentence from a work in progress/planned work and post it--and cheated. But I doubt anyone will mind.

1. "No, just me. I merely thought that you might like to see your granddaughter before you die."

2. He was playing with a tendril of Hinata's hair and debating whether or not it was worthwhile to wake her up for another fuck when the sensation of being watched crept over him again.

3. Kabuto tilted the pad towards her and Hinata saw ovals, circles, lines and what might have been scribbled notes in characters she couldn't understand. "It's your eyes--beautiful, aren't they?"

4. "Is your tummy full now?" she whispered, smoothing down her daughter's wild fluff of hair. "Are you sleepy? You're such a good baby."

5. "Well, you better get a new one," Karin said, both eyebrows raised, "or they'll be down to your knees by the time you're twenty."

6. "I-I don't mean to and never meant to kill you, Kabuto-san," she said quietly: he tilted his head back a little more and lifted his eyes to her. "J-just show you that I was serious about winning...training's no good if it's not taken seriously, r-right?"

7. He woke to a fuzzy-edged world and looked down to find that Hinako had not only somehow wriggled up his chest while he was sleeping, but had stolen his glasses to boot and was now chewing on them.

8. "Uh," Lee said after a long silence. "Umm. Hmm. Well...Neji-kun, tradition is a fine and noble thing and I am sure that the manly beauty of your love for Hinata-san will shine so brightly that no one will even notice your clothes..."

9. "What could I do? What the hell did you think I could do?" he screamed into the wind. "I couldn't love you...and child or not, once you knew, you would have despised me! You would have thrown me away...Don't pretend that you wouldn't have, Father! I heard you! I heard every word!"

10. Her hair was getting longer and her clothes were getting tighter, and after four hundred years of remaining exactly the same, Frelia Ansul Sol Marta was becoming more and more uneasy with each new day that passed.

11. Funny: there seemed to be something different about her. When had she ever touched him so easily--or with such familiarity?



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Mar. 16th, 2010 02:01 pm (UTC)

Is #8 supposed to be Neji in traditional wedding clothes? Awww (pats Neji on the head).
Mar. 17th, 2010 09:57 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :D

Is #8 supposed to be Neji in traditional wedding clothes? Awww (pats Neji on the head).

Yup. If Lee thinks your clothes are bad...

Poor Neji. Hinata gets to look beautiful and awesome and he gets to stand in front of Konoha looking like a laundry bag with a phallic hat.
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